Soderbergh So Long

So, Steven Soderbergh announces he intends to retire from movie-making to spend more time with his stills camera. Apparently, he just isn’t excited about getting in “the van” anymore and wants to let someone who is still excited about getting in the van get in the van instead of him. (I know the feeling and I don’t even have a van. Or a career.)

But why did he have to be so dignified about it? It all seems so calculating, so controlled. Couldn’t he have developed a substance-abuse problem, resisted arrest, hurled anti-semitic abuse at a traffic cop, or something? Couldn’t he just have waited for ‘Gorgeous George’ to retire and then signed on as his butler?

No, I think he’s going to miss the van and I think he knows it. I give him five years, tops. How long do you give him?



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