Impressions of …

Prompted by Alex Barrett’s (Night On Planet Earth) recent initiative, I’ve decided to publish my impressions of some of the films I watch, as notes, instead of developing them into formal reviews.

What appeals to me is the candour this note-writing ought to promote: the notes will reveal intemperate reactions, contradictory attitudes, prejudices, and plain misunderstandings …

Okay, so what really appeals to me is the idea that output will be increased for less input (work), but it’s the quality of candour that makes the output exciting. The work of writing a review is too often an effort to construct a coherent argument on foundations that are far from secure. We form an opinion and then we pump it up; we pre-emptively defend it. We want to prove ourselves. We want our views to have weight and value. We want to impress. And so we gloss over inconvenient or incongruent responses, we smooth out the personal and subjective in order to appear more definitive, or we amplify it with conspicuous rhetoric. In short, we fabricate.

Fabrication builds us something – not a home, more like an office; but we can gain as much, I think, by translating our thoughts into words as they roll through our mind. Lots of loose ends. Threads to pick at.

There is pleasure available in this too – if only during those moment the thoughts flow freely and uncensored, ignorant of that future when we are castigated, or ostracized, or worse, dismissed as incompetent.



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