Impressions of … Oblivion (Joseph Kosinski)


oh my, what a seemless blend of CGI and cinematography, and beautiful production design, particularly liked his neo-helicopter, or whatever it was – but why a husband and wife drone repair team are provided with such architecturally elegant digs is a mystery (did they really need that swimming pool?)

the plot, on the other hand, is a not quite seemless blend of sci-fi tropes (La Jetee, Matrix, Total Recall, Moon, Planet of the Apes Independence Day, and many many more), conventional and, at times glib, but it’s pretty effective – it didn’t matter that I had guessed the ‘twist’ from seeing the trailer; the flashback sequence before the climax was a clever touch, and I confess I was moved (yes, what a confession: moved by a Tom Cruise sci-fi flick), what does Mamet say, ‘a simple act of heroism’ … plus my personal favourite, unrequited love

I think it was Andrea Riseborough who won me over: the first half hour was essentially a two-hander (not counting Melissa Leo’s appearance by way of their video screen), just Riseborough and Cruise (mostly Cruise), she is prodigiously talented and slightly crazed – my brother-in-law noted her dilated pupils; the nuance of her line readings are a different class, she brought the best out of Tom, and they gave her a very flattering dress to wear, which she also removed

Morgan Freeman’s first scene (with cigar) was naff


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