Impressions of … Anchoress [Chris Newby]

disappointing, the style didn’t match the writing, and the writing wasn’t great, this is an example of how a project needs to be conceived, or re-conceived, according to the director’s style, you can just bring in a director to do something visual with the script, a very British problem with our ingrained anti-auteurist attitudes

the intriguing true story of a teenage girl who chose to be walled up in a church – as an ‘anchoress’ – then changed her mind three years later becomes an anachronistic investigation of sexual hypocrisy and chauvinism in medieval England, the film’s portrayal of the distant past is undermined by a point of view so obviously rooted in the present, also the girl’s story gets sidelined, frustratingly, by a conflict between the parson and her mother, and other domestic issues

what we get are some lovely compositions, images, tableaux, alongside clunky dialogue and blatantly staged dramatic scenes, it evokes Bergman’s ‘The Virgin Spring’ but has none of the power, none